Shire of Leonora Tender Register

Pursuant to Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996, Part 4, Dic2 r.17 Tenders Register (1A) The CEO must publish the Tenders Register on the local government's official website

Tender No. Description Date Awarded Document Link
RFT04/2020 Supply and delivery of one (1) heavy duty road grader as per specifications 17/11/2020 RFT04/2020 - Road Grader
RFT05/2020 Supply of one (1) backhoe loader as per specifications 17/11/2020 RFT05/2020 - Backhoe Loader
RFT06/2020 Supply, delivery and siteworks for one (1) public restroom structure for town centre 17/11/2020 RFT06/2020 - Public Restroom Town Centre