Road Report 9/05/2022 4:27:04 PM

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Status Meaning
Open OK to Drive. Exercise caution when a road is recently opened. Check to see if there are any works being undertaken during your desired travel time and drive to conditions.
Closed to Vehicles Exceeding 3 Tonnes Light Vehicles OK to Drive. Conditions have cleared up enough to allow some vehicles access to these roads. Exercise extreme caution on newly open roads and do not travel if your vehicle exceeds 3 tonnes. Check to see if any work is being undertaken during your desired travel time and drive to conditions. 
Closed to All Traffic Do not drive on Closed Roads. Conditions have been deemed unsuitable for travel and will be reassessed daily. Closed roads will be open once conditions improve. Penalties Apply.


Roads Report Items
Road Name Status Comments
Albion Downs-Yeelirrie Open
Banjawarn Open
Barwidgee-Yandal Open
Boxers Well Open
Cross Road Open
Darlot Closed Road Closed for reconstruction works. Heavy Machinery and Road Trains working over length of road. Access to Great Western via Goldfields Highway only. Alternative route to Goldfields Highway from Wonganoo Road Via Weebo Road.
Glenorn-Yundamindra Open With Caution
Kookynie- Malcolm Open
Leinster downs Open
Little Mill Open
Melita Open
Minara Road Open
Mt Ida Open
Mt McClure Open
Nambi Open
Old Agnew North Open
Old Agnew South Open
Old Laverton Open
Pinnacles Open
Sturt Meadows Open
Weebo Open Alternative Route to Goldfields Highway from Wonganoo Road as Darlot Road is closed to all traffic
Wonganoo Open Access to Goldfields Highway via Weebo Road Only
Yundamindra-Linden Open