Leonora Early Learning Centre

Situated on Hoover Street, Leonora Early Learning Centre is a purpose built centre which caters for the developmental needs of children from ages 0 to 5 years. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm on a weekly basis and operate 48 weeks during the year.


Leonora Early Learning Centre strives to achieve a relaxed, home-like atmosphere where children can feel safe to explore the world around them. Our Centre’s Philosophy reflects the homeliness and the richness of our environment.

We recognise that each child is an individual and brings with them cultures of their families and the community they are a part of.

Leonora Early Learning Centre supports this by not only promoting an environment free of cultural or gender bias but also by incorporating a spontaneous program into our daily routines which gives children opportunities for discovery learning through self-selected activities while encouraging their development through exploring, investigation and problem solving.

Our Philosophy encourages the important role the Centre plays in nurturing and educating the children in our care through the development of trust, security and developing relationships.

Leonora Early Learning Centre also provides opportunities for children within the centre who are making the transition into Kindergarten to develop skills required in order to obtain the best start to their schooling years.


The Children at Leonora Early Learning Centre participate in various activities during the week. The following are a brief description of some of these.

The children participate in cooking with staff once a week at the centre and are able to enjoy making yummy treats together, such as cookies, scones and even biscuits. They learn basic mathematical concepts while measuring ingredients and exploring various textures, colours and ingredients. These are sent home with the children in order for them to enjoy their treats with their families.

Children bring out the ‘artist’ in them by participating in art and craft sessions. Through a variety of activities including painting, drawing, cutting and even gluing, children develop their motor, social and language skills.

Children at our centre are free to explore their creativity while learning about the world around them as they take part in craft activities such as making dinosaur eggs, snowmen, paper flowers and even animals using various art materials.

Children explore various identities and model being different people in their community, from Policemen to office workers and Firemen. They demonstrate their growing understanding of various jobs through imaginative play. By making tea or coffee and also cooking dinner for their friends, children demonstrate their knowledge, through imaginative play, of the basic social interactions. This knowledge is further enhanced when they offer a cup of tea to their friends, or tell their friends that the enjoyed eating the meal they had prepared together in the Home Corner.


The Centre employs both qualified and unqualified child care workers, and places an emphasis on professional development, to ensure that staff are always up to date with current guidelines and industry practices.

All staff are encouraged to participate in courses, for both new skills and a ‘refresher’ on existing skills, and many junior level staff are given the opportunity to undertake traineeships to work toward their qualifications, in order to maintain a high level of professional service at the centre.

Our Staff members strive to find fun new ideas and ways to inspire and assist the development of children who attend our centre.


Leonora Early Learning Centre is well equipped to cater for the needs of young children. The centre has a kitchen complete with stove, fridge and microwave to heat up children’s food for meal times. The Centre also has a laundry room complete with laundry facilities and a nappy change area for babies. There are toilet facilities for our older children which promote their independence.

The Sleep Room in the centre contains cots and mattresses, catering for all age groups and providing a safe and peaceful place where children can rest or sleep during the day.

Leonora Early Learning Centre also has an outdoor undercover area where there is a sandpit and veranda for children to ride bikes or play games together. Our centre is also one of the few fortunate centres to have natural grass under our play equipment.


Being a Long Day Care Centre, Leonora Early Learning Centre can offer you affordable rates and a choice of a Full Day or a Half Day placement for your child. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact staff at the centre.

If you are a parent who is eligible for Child Care Benefits, please contact Centrelink’s Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50 to find out more on how to reduce your Child Care Fees. A copy of the Child Care Benefit Claim form can be obtained either from Leonora Early Learning Centre or your local Centrelink Office.

Leonora Early Learning Centre can hold open days periodically for prospective families and their children to have a tour of the centre.

Please contact staff at the centre for further enquiries.

Leonora Early Learning Centre
Lot 138 Hoover Street
Leonora WA 6438

Tel/Fax: (08) 9037 7997
Email: kidzcare@leonora.wa.gov.au

 We look forward to seeing you soon!!!