Visitors can explore over a dozen buildings in the Gwalia ghost town, including miners’ cottages, single men’s camps, Patroni’s Guest House and Mazza’s Store. Up on the hill in the Mine Precinct, there are the Mine Manager’s House (now Hoover House Bed & Breakfast), the Assay Office, the headframe and winder and many fascinating outdoor exhibits. Highlights include ‘Midland’, one of three steam engines that worked on the woodlines supplying the Sons of Gwalia mine with timber and fuel. There is also the first passenger tram in Western Australia, which ran between Leonora and Gwalia from 1903 to 1921. The collection of smaller objects housed in the Mine Office explores community, cultural and mining life and features the heritage of Afghans, Italians and Yugoslavs.

Gwalia Museum is open from 9am to 4pm daily (excluding the Christmas Holiday and New Year period)

Cafe operates 10am-3pm daily. Please ensure you arrive well before 3pm to avoid disappointment.

Allow a couple of hours to cover the Mine Precinct and Hoover House before exploring the townsite buildings.


Drive directly to the Mine Precinct on top of the hill to gain entry to Gwalia Museum. There is ample parking for caravans at the RV Site outside the entry gates.

There are no entry fees. A donation however will be much appreciated as it will help fund the conservation and upkeep of Gwalia ghost town & museum.

$2 for an audio tour covering 60 points of interest.

PLEASE NOTE: Chisholms House and Baletiche’s Camp is currently closed for major conservation work. For more information please click here.

RV Site

There is a free RV Site just outside the Mine precinct gates. You must register your vehicle with the Museum for an overnight stay.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an RV site only. Caravan parking is only permitted when the Leonora Caravan Park is full to capacity.

To learn more about RV site guidelines click here.

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