Golden Quest Discovery Trail

Follow legendary pioneers to unearth the riches of a 120-year gold rush history.

Experience a true Australian outback adventure and explore the gold rush legends, visit iconic landmarks, meet friendly locals and discover ghost towns on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail. 

This journey can be enjoyed year-round. However, we recommend travelling between the months of August and October to view one of the biggest displays of wildflowers on Earth. 

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Points of Interest


The Shire of Coolgardie is located approximately 550 kilometres East of Perth. It encompasses an area of 30,400 km² and includes the towns of Coolgardie, Kambalda, Widgiemooltha and the Aboriginal community of Kurrawang.

Celebrated for the gold and nickel discoveries in Coolgardie and Kambalda, the Shire continues to thrive with a multitude of mining and processing companies operating in the area. The Shire is the largest producer of minerals in the region with gold and nickel mining operations supporting globally significant regional exports.

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Located in the Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia, Kalgoorlie Boulder is situated 590 kilometres inland of Perth. The name Kalgoorlie is derived from the Wangai word Karlkurla, meaning 

"Place of the silky pears".

Kalgoorlie Boulder is Australia's largest Outback City with a population of more than 30,000 people. It is the largest urban centre in the Goldfields region and the fifth largest in Western Australia.

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Rowles Lagoon

Rowles Lagoon is the largest freshwater lake in the Coolgardie bioregion. The lagoon and surrounding areas are a bird watchers paradise.

Rowles Lagoon is a Conservation Park that is also a popular recreation destination for Goldfields families, visitors and tourists.

These waters are culturally and environmentally significant and are listed in Australia’s register of significant wetlands. The wetlands are an important cultural site for local Aboriginal people and the story of the site is told at the interpretation shelter.

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Broad Arrow

Broad Arrow is a 'Ghost Town’ located 38 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie on the road to Menzies. The town was gazetted in 1896, and at its peak during the gold rush, it had 15,000 residents, eight hotels, a soft drink factory, two breweries, a hospital and a stock exchange. By the mid 1920s the rush was over and the town was virtually abandoned.

Significant finds of gold came out of Broad Arrow and it is rumoured that you can still find gold there today. Known originally as Kurawah, it is said that Broad Arrow changed its name when a prospector found gold and marked his way back to the spot with Broad Arrow .

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Ora Banda

Ora Banda is located approximately 70km from Kalgoorlie. In 1906, a township site was established near newly discovered ore bodies North West of Kalgoorlie. The town took its name from a nearby mine which was worked by the Weston brothers. Ora Banda, translated in Spanish, means band of gold. By 1910, there were approximately 2,000 miners and their families living in the area.  The town had 2 stores, 2 butchers, 2 bakers, a town hall, dining halls, a post office, a police station, churches and billiards saloon.

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Menzies is a mining town in the goldfields, 730kms north east of Perth and 132kms north of Kalgoorlie. The Shire of Menzies covers a total area of 125,000 square kms and has annual revenue of approximately $1.4million. There is a total population of approximately 400 people with 150 of those living in town. The town of Kookynie is the sister town within the Shire’s boundaries and consists of approximately 12 full time residents and the well-known Grand Hotel. About 150 residents live at the Tjuntjuntjara Community in the Great Victorian Desert approximately 700kms east of Menzies near the South Australian border

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Lake Ballard

In today’s world, Lake Ballard first came to international prominence in 1995 in the wake of Severe Tropical Cyclone Bobby. Bobby had crossed Western Australia’s Pilbara coast on the 25th February and, moving inland in a south-easterly direction, this Category 4 storm was to ultimately dump over 400 millimetres of rain across the Goldfields, filling the interconnected salt-lake system comprising lakes Barlee, Marmion and Ballard.  Within days of the lakes filling, Lake Ballard was becoming the destination of tens of thousands of coastal wading birds known as Banded Stilts.

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The living ghost town of Gwalia is the doorway to a unique experience of Western Australia’s rich mining history.

The little settlement that grew up around the Sons of Gwalia Mine in the late 1890s thrived until the final whistle blew on 28 December 1963, closing the mine and putting 250 men out of work. Gwalia’s 1200-strong population fell to just 40 in less than three weeks.

Today, the abandoned homes and businesses of Gwalia create a tangible snapshot of a vanished era and way of life.

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Situated 70km north east of Menzies by road, Kookynie is part of the Shire of Menzies.  Nowadays the town, commonly referred to as a living ghost town, caters for the amy tourists, prospectors, fossickers, mining and exploration companies, pastoralists and local population of thirteen.  The Hotel offers an excellent collection of historic photographs, antique bottles and memorabilia from Kookynie's past.  Kookynie was first discovered by prospectors in 1895, one of whom was W.A. Miller who took up the Englishman lease on 25 June 1895.  Miller sold the lease to the Cosmopolitan Proprietary Ltd in 1897.  This resulted in the development of Kookynie. 

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Niagara Dam

An oasis in the wilderness of the northern Goldfields, Niagara Dam is a top rest stop on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail - perfect for a picnic, a refreshing swim, or a night camping in a swag under the stars.

The dam is a 25-minute drive from Kookynie, one of the many gold rush ghost towns and landmarks on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail - an epic outback adventure that weaves its way from Coolgardie through the Goldfield’s landscape and history.

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The township of Leonora lies 230km north of Kalgoorlie and supports a population of 1500 people. The town consists of some 350 houses, 100 industrial sites, 3 mining type accommodation camps, a shady caravan park, two hotels with a-la-carte dining and one motel. Shopping facilities include a supermarket, butchers, pharmacy, op shop, newsagent/liquor/hardware and general store, post office, two roadhouses/service stations (including restaurants), nursery/garden centre, furniture/nicknacks store, cafe, accountant and TAB.


Nestled in the far Northern Goldfields of Western Australia, Laverton is a small town with many hidden surprises. 

Covering some 183,198km2 of predominantly desert and pastoral country, Laverton has something for everyone, from spinifex plains, mulga woodlands and unique granite rock outcrops to rich Aboriginal and European history and culture.

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