Shire of Leonora

2023 Local Government Elections
Ordinary Election 21st October, 2023

Schedule of Nominations Received

District Candidate's Name Name to Appear
On Ballot Paper
Date Accepted
Leonora Tanya Maxine Nardone Tanya Nardone 05/09/2023
Leonora Felicity Harris Fifi Harris 06/09/2023
Leonora Peter Jeffery Craig Peter Craig 07/09/2023
Leonora Ross Athol Norrie Ross Norrie 07/09/2023

Schedule of Cancellations Received

District Candidate's Name Name to Appear
On Ballot Paper
Date Accepted

Candidate Profiles

Tanya Nardone

31 Tower Street
PO Box 140
Ph: 0437 464 895

Having called Leonora home since 2009, I've seen our community evolve and flourish. My commitment is rooted in my family ties, as my children and grandchildren are part of this vibrant town.

My deep ties to this community, including my family's presece and my seven-year tenure at the Leonora CRC has given me firsthand insight into our resident's diverse needs, and reflect my unwavering dedication. As a business owner (GTN Services) and an active participant in our Shire's life, I understand the complex interplay of economic development, community support, and local governance.

My vision includes sustainable development, empowering our youth, ensuring accessible services, fostering exonomic growth, and transparent, collaborative governance to preserve and enhance Leonora's unique charm. My candidacy is a testament to my love for our town and my commitment to its future. 

Tanya Nardone is eligible to stand for election as a resident of Leonora

Fifi Harris

42 Braemore Road
Ph: 0437 968 493

I am a local Indigenous woman who has lived and worked in Leonora most of my life. My partner and I have raised our six children in this town and intend to continue living here for the rest of our lives. For the past sixteen years we have lived at 42 Braemore Road in Leonora.

Prior to my working for the Tjiwarl Rangers program, I have worked at the Leonora District High School for many years and am passionate about the education, health, and wellbeing of all people, especially the children in our community.

As a mother of 6 children, I am aware of a lot of the concerns in our community and would like to be part of a solution to combat these local issues. I have always strived to look after and promote a positive perspective in the Leonora community. I am very passionate about our community moving forward in many issues. 

Fifi Harris is eligible to stand for election as a resident of Leonora

Peter Craig

7 North Road
PO Box 118
ph: 0418 950 572

 To The Shire of Leonora Residents

This the end of my sixth term as Councillor with the Shire of Leonora including the past Ten years as President. During this time I have thoroughly enjoyed all facets of my role and would therefor like to continue representing the residents within Shire as a Councillor.

I have held the position of Manager for Leinster Contracting Services for the past 25 years while also having lived and worked in the surrounding area for the past 35 years. During this time I have developed an extensive understanding of the local communities and the issues that we are faced with.

If re-elected I will work strongly towards development /Opportunities / activities / interests for all community members.

I feel and understand the needs of the community and consider myself a worthy candidate to serve the community to the best of my ability.


Peter Craig

Peter Craig is eligible to stand for election as a resident of Leonora

Ross Norrie

76 Tower Street
ph: 0409 377 386

My name is Ross Norrie and I am seeking to be re-elected as an Elected member in the upcoming Local Government elections to be held on Saturday the 21st October 2023 for the Shire of Leonora. I moved back to Leonora with my family in 1999 and have been an Elected Member since 2007.

Being an Elected Member gives me the opportunity to contribute to the Community and influence decisions that shape the future of the Northern Goldfields. There are a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline and I would like to be a part of those important decision making processes.

The role of Elected Member is challenging and often time consuming but I think I have the work/life balance to make a strong contribution to improving the quality of life in our community.

Ross Norrie is eligible to stand for election as a resident of Leonora

Please Note: This page will be updated as Nominations, Cancellations and Candidate Profiles are received

T Matson
Returning Officer
10th August, 2023

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