WA Heritage Awards

Published on Wednesday, 16 November 2022 at 4:12:53 PM

Finalists in the 2022 WA Heritage Awards have been announced by the Minister for Heritage.

Gwalia Settlement and Museum Precinct and surrounding sites has been named a finalists!

'Creative Spaces and Hocking Heritage + Architecture worked with the Shire of Leonora to implement an interpretation strategy that enhances existing conservation work and improves visitor experiences at Gwalia Ghost Town and Museum and surrounding sites.

Implementation involved creating new interpretation material and wayfinding for the Gwalia Museum, surrounding settlement buildings and surrounding sites of Agnew, Malcolm and Lawlers. The new material facilitates greater understanding of and appreciation for earlier habitation and industrious endeavours in harsh conditions – these stories still play an active part in the memories of current residents of the shire as well as those families who have moved away.

Gwalia still has a functioning mine and, while it is predominantly uninhabited, there is a large volume of traffic in the form of visitors, residents, employees and mine workers. Over 12,000 visitors a year can gain a rare insight into what life was like during the early 20th century heyday of a thriving mining settlement.'

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