Around & About Leonora

Leonora Dam

Twelve kilometres from Leonora, Malcolm Dam, which was built in 1902 to provide water for the railway, provides a good picnic spot. Another railway dam can be seen at Niagra, near Kookynie. It is most interesting as it has an eight metre high wall. The cement was carried by camel from Coolgardie in 1897 when it was built. Niagra township was short lived and Kookynie, which still has a small population and an operating Hotel, became a centre for mining. Many remains of a thriving town, similar to Leonora, can be viewed.

To the north, a day trip to the Lawlers-Agnew area and the new town of Leinster could provide a good look at the pastoral area and some experience of old and new mining towns. Some creeks on the old and new roads provide shady picnic sites. Station Creek is a beautiful scenic area. For the more energetic, some exploration of 'The Terraces', a large breakaway formation about 40km north to north-east, will provide good bush walking and some magnificent views.

Laverton, which is 130km to the east, was once was a typical gold town. There are numerous mines opening up in this area. On the way you could visit Mt Morgans Gold Mine area where the old Municipal Chambers and Cemetery can be seen.

Shire of Leonora