Shire of Leonora

Leonora is the service centre for the mining, exploration and well established pastoral industry. Gwalia is an award winning must see for visitors as it has been restored to its original condition (as it was in the early 1900's) and boasts one of Australia's finest museums. Hoover House, originally occupied by Herbert Hoover (who went on the become the American president), was the mine managers house in Gwalia and has now been converted in to a luxury Bed and Breakfast and cafe. 


Leonora weather

Leonora experiences day time temperatures of around 15° celsius in winter to 38° in summer. Rainfall is scarce with the average being around 250mm per year. Travellers are advised to carry ample water when venturing off the main highways.


Bird life Leonora

The surrounding country side is the home to an abundance of wildlife with kangaroos and emus being the most prolific. Wedge tailed eagles are also in large numbers throughout the area. All can be seen in the wild any time of the year. An abundance of wildflowers can be witnessed in the months July to September.

We have a fantastic resource available for those interested in the bird life around Leonora thanks to the CSIRO, Leonora DHS, Birdlife Australia and NHRC. Each brochure contains nearly 120 illustrations and names of birds that can be found in the area.

How To Get Here

Leonora is serviced by a bitumen road from Perth via Kalgoorlie. A bus service operates from Perth on this route. Travel via Great Eastern Highway to Kalgoorlie and then on the Goldfields Highway to Leonora. A public airline also services the Leonora and Leinster townsites.