Ordinary Council Meeting - 17th May 2022

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 02:25 PM

Order of Business


Declaration of Opening / Announcement of Visitors 

2. Disclaimer Notice
3. Council Meeting Information Notes
4. Announcements from the Presiding Member
5. Record of Attendance / Apologies / Leave of Absence
6. Declaration of Interest
7. Public Question Time
8. Confirmation of Minutes From Previous Meeting
9. Presentations
10. Reports

10.1 Reports of Committees

a) Audit and Risk Committee
b) #SaferLeonora Committee

10.2 Chief Executive Officer

a) Changing Methods of Valuation of Land
b) Road Closure
c) GVROC Regional Climate Change Alliance
d) Delegation Register Review - 2022

10.3 Deputy Chief Executive Officer

a) Monthly Financial Statements - 30th April, 2022
b) Accounts for Payment - To March, 2022

10.4 Environmental Health Officer/Building Surveyor


10.5 Elected Member Reports


11. Applications for Leave of Absence
12. Motions for which Previous Notice has been given
13. Questions from Members without Notice
14. New Business of an Urgent Nature Introduced by Decision of the Meeting
14.1 Elected Members
14.2 Officers
15. Meeting Closed to the Public
15.1 Matters for which the Meeting May be Closed
15.2 Public Reading of Resolutions that may be made Public
16. State Council Agenda
17. Next Meeting 21st June, 2022
18. Closure of Meeting