The Shire of Leonora is Proposing new Local Laws

Published on Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 1:39:57 PM


 The Shire of Leonora is proposing to make the following Local Laws

 Cat Local Law

The purpose of this local law is to set a ‘standard number’ of cats that may be kept on premises. The effect is that persons must not keep more than the standard number of cats unless provided for by the local law, the Cat Act, or its associated Regulations.

Local Government Property and Public Places Local Law

The purpose of this local law is to regulate the care, control, and management of property of and under the care, control and management of the Shire including thoroughfares. The effect is that some Shire property is set aside for particular uses, some activities are allowed only under a permit or under a determination, and others are restricted or prohibited. The local law also establishes offences for inappropriate behaviour in or on Shire property.

Dog Local Law

The purpose of this local law is to make provisions about the confinement of dogs, control the number of dogs that can be kept on premises in the district, regulate dog kennels and to require removal of dog excreta. The effect is to extend the controls over dogs which exist under the Dog Act 1976 and Regulations.

The above proposed Local Laws may be inspected or obtained at the Shire office during normal office hours. An electronic copy and submission form can be downloaded by clicking the links below. 

Submissions may be made to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Leonora, 16 Tower Street Leonora by 4pm 17th December, 2021.

Dated at Leonora this day, 26th October, 2021.

J.G. Epis
Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Leonora
PO Box 56


Phone: 08 9037 6044

Electronic Documents

Draft Cat Local Law

Draft Dog Local Law

Draft Dog Local Law - Prohibited and Permitted Areas

Draft Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law

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