Regional Price Index Data Collection

Published: Wednesday, 27 February 2019 at 1:35:09 PM



The Shire of Leonora are participating this year with the collection of data for the Regional Price Index.  This process is done every few years so that relevant government agencies are aware of the true cost of living in a regional area. The average price of goods and services is converted to an index number which is used to compare prices in different regional locations.  Individual prices will not be published.  The results are expected to be released late 2019. 

Leonora and Leinster have both been selected as participating towns within the Shire of Leonora. It will be necessary for a shopper to canvas businesses for up to date prices per a set list of goods; “the shopping basket” which is a standard across all regional Western Australia.

You may get an inquiry in relation to this matter, if unsure please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Zandra Comstive, Leonora Community Resource Centre Co-ordinator, on 90377521.

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